Finding The Best Corporate Entertainer – Tips for Corporate Event Entertainment Planners

kevinvinerieba2016conferenceday3u8phxza7spwlFor any corporate event, the main priority is of that of hiring the best entertainer. You always look for an entertainer who is professional, suits the occasion, and frankly, does a good job of entertaining the audience. Here are some tips which will make your task of hiring an entertainer looks so easy and will help you with your next corporate event planning.

Audience and Occasion
Before hiring any entertainer you should be aware of who your audiences are and what kind of entertainment will add a spark to their evening. If the entertainer is able to add spark to the evening, then definitely your event is a success. There are different type of entertainment from which you can choose from, like comedy, music, and magic acts.
Comedic entertainers are great for getting your group laughing and enjoying themselves. You can go for some stand-up comedian, while are other who add magic, games or other performance to their comedic acts.

Go with a Realistic Budget
The best always comes with a hefty price. There are entertainers whose fee is very small, but they can’t guarantee entertainment to its fullest. When planning events, never cut your budget with the entertainers. Spend a good amount to get the best entertainers to a successful event. The fees of entertainers can range from $1500 to $100,000 depending on the person’s or group’s reputation and experience, as well as the show size.

Ask Questions
Before hiring any corporate entertainer, always feel free to ask them questions. The most important factor is to make sure the performer you hire specializes in providing corporate entertainment. They need to very much familiar with the corporate world and must be experienced with performing at such events. Knowing all this will make your work easier to whether to hire them or not.

The best knowledge about anything comes from reviews. Always ask the artist, if they any reviews from clients they have performed for in the past. Nowadays entertainers have their own websites which provide you with promotional materials and even contains clients reviews. You can also ask for references as you want to hire the best entertainer.

Performers always have some demo video. Just ask for it. This video is just a show short segments of the entertainer’s show with a live audience. This gives you a rough idea of how the artist performs as well as the reaction of a real audience.

Plan Ahead
The last one but not the least, always plan ahead of schedule as, during a certain time of the year, the best corporate entertainers may not be available as they are already booked before hand. Booking sometimes even start a year before the event. It is advisable to start looking for an entertainer as soon the dates of the events are announced to avoid any kind of disappointments.


Corporate event entertainment as a way to corporate success through building healthier relationships


The word corporate refers to something ‘relating to corporation’, but on turning the pages of history we get yet another meaning ‘united or combined into one body’. The word corporate combines with words like communication, culture, event, governance etc to describe different things, but all these combined falls under an organization which is termed as a corporate organization.

When talking about any such organization, the image which comes to our mind is that of a perfectly some principle based working body where everyone has a specific role of their own, but all are working as a unit. This is precisely what corporate entertainment is for; creating bonds and enhancing relationship to strengthen the bond of unity among the workers.

The event which can be any sort of outdoor activity, or some travel trip, or some dinner party or might be an award ceremony, is just an away to create a sense of unity among the employees. This type of events is a great platform for people out there to get to know each other in a more better away. Some sort of corporate entertainment makes them more relaxed which extends relationship into more than job-related conversations.

This entertainment constitutes the human elements into relationships both internally and externally. The internal bonds increase the productivity while the external source acts as leads and build a good reputation of the organization in the market.

With the work environment becoming more demanding, employees easily slips into tension, conflicts, and misunderstanding turns out to be a common thing. All this stuffs are no good for any organization. To keep this sort of things away, there is a need for change in the environment. The corporate events are a good way to bring some change, but adding some sort of entertainment adds more colors to the events. The corporate entertainers are professionals who can be hired to make sure the entertainment is the lasting one and every attendee takes home a positive impression about the organization. These entertainers can be a comedian, magician, speaker, mentalist, illusionist, etc.

These professionals are expert in changing the environment. This ensures a healthy relationship with team members, business associates, companies and their clients. It also has a positive impact on the people’s behavior keeping in mind the social environment and the overall performance at work.

One of the forms of corporate entertainment where shaping relationships are practically the aim of team building events. Through entertaining activities that require the contribution of each member and a common decision, the group receives a dose of positive emotions and learns basic teamwork skill at the same time.

In a corporation, corporate entertainment may enhance interpersonal relationship in a number of ways: it inspires communication, helps to sketch relationship on a positive emotion background, provide relaxation, reduces psychological tensions, and instills the spirit of the team in the participants.