So You Want to Become an Event Planner? Is it that tough or that easy?

A job which is exciting and comes with a high salary is that of an event planner. And If you have the creativity and the fearless nature of facing any challenge, then this the perfect business for you. When people consider the role of an event planner, they usually envision a job with a lavish life, working in a luxury hotel, dining on a connoisseur feast, and traveling to far-fetched destinations. But what is overlooked is the time they invest in to produce a detailed orchestrate of the program throughout their struggle.
Event-planner.jpgWhen choosing to become an event planner, there are many domains to choose from like wedding planner, corporate event planner, etc. You must be specialized in your chosen domain in order to gain success. This beautiful profession is growing on a global basis and is in demand all around the globe. Before choosing this field, there are some key points to consider, which are as follows:
• The start-up costs – yes you read it right. The start-up cost should always be kept in mind and it varies according to the services you intend to provide. To start with, you definitely need some of the things like a laptop, business cards, a dedicated small team and at least a small place to plan up everything from. Other necessities might vary as per your domain, for instance, if you are starting as a corporate event planner, you need some good corporate entertainer in your contact list.
• By now you must have developed a rough idea that the work of an event planner is not that glamorous as it was looking before, and your thought is extremely correct. You will often have to spend time managing a small meeting in a conference room or a hotel. You will be surrounded by note, binders, and immediate meetings and on top of all this, your phone constantly ringing and your email filled with thousands of emails. With strong organization skills, all this can be overcome and is more exciting than it looks.
• Take some courses and get hold of certification as this will help you gain the trust of the clients easily. This way, you will even gain some experience in different areas, with marketing, management, and sales, to be specific.
event-planning-career-ebook-tools.png    • Marketing or presenting a professional image of yourself is very important to become the best event, planner. This will not help you gain popularity, but also help you market your newly formed company. Make sure that all your e-mails, cards, and invoices bear your organization logo along with a good visual presentation. With the network being expanded in every correct possible way, good news for your organization is on the way.
• Do get a website with lots of useful contents. This will give you a high ranking in the search engine and will provide you with a powerful marketing tool, in order to promote your business. This is one of the strongest methods to promote your business and will take your business to its peak.


A Career In Event Planning – Planning From Celebration Events to Corporate Events

Calendar Note Schedule Memo Manage Event ConceptSpecial events often pop in and out of our everyday lives. In this ‘running out of time’ world we are so busy working that it is often difficult to plan them ourselves. This problem has just a single solution “Event Planner”. From big occasions to small events like weddings and other corporate events, everything is looked after by the event’s planners.

It’s the duty of an event planner to make sure every detail of the event is taken care of and make the program as smooth flowing as possible. The planners have a beautiful ability to juggle with many things at once without forgetting even the smallest details. Goal oriented and time conscious can be easily spotted on seeing an event planner. In this field, everything never falls in place as it is supposed to, but the planners are the most creative ones to overcome such issues.

Every event has a specific purpose. It may be celebrations like reunions and weddings. An event planner can act as a wedding planner in charge of booking the ceremony and reception locations. Hiring a good studio is also taken care of. They can also be the one to facilitate educational conferences and meetings.

For business related things, there are corporate events associated with corporate entertainment. Companies hire event planners to pull out such events. Corporate events are considered to be the most difficult to plan, but with experience and creativity, planners take the success level of such events to new heights. Most of such events are like fashion shows, product and service launching.

There are a number of good schools and online universities that offer planners certification. A good program will usually include technical instruction on the planning process of events and the business end instruction on how to run the business. Opportunities for internships under experienced event planners may also be offered. In some event planner certification programs, students are also required to have hands on experience by planning their own event and this will eventually help them develop their portfolio for the future clientele.

When starting your career as an event planner, consider first the type of event you want to pursue. If you are more into weddings like handling flower arrangements, bridesmaid dresses and wedding videography then consider tackling celebration events. If you prefer corporate events, then you may choose to plan board meeting, conventions, and product launches. You even need to track some good corporate entertainers for them to perform at the corporate events.

Once you get a head start as an event planner, you will begin to like it and eventually love your job. You will have this drive in you to learn more about the business. And this is where passion and determination for your job set in. With every event, you will learn something new and will grow more.

Finding The Best Corporate Entertainer – Tips for Corporate Event Entertainment Planners

kevinvinerieba2016conferenceday3u8phxza7spwlFor any corporate event, the main priority is of that of hiring the best entertainer. You always look for an entertainer who is professional, suits the occasion, and frankly, does a good job of entertaining the audience. Here are some tips which will make your task of hiring an entertainer looks so easy and will help you with your next corporate event planning.

Audience and Occasion
Before hiring any entertainer you should be aware of who your audiences are and what kind of entertainment will add a spark to their evening. If the entertainer is able to add spark to the evening, then definitely your event is a success. There are different type of entertainment from which you can choose from, like comedy, music, and magic acts.
Comedic entertainers are great for getting your group laughing and enjoying themselves. You can go for some stand-up comedian, while are other who add magic, games or other performance to their comedic acts.

Go with a Realistic Budget
The best always comes with a hefty price. There are entertainers whose fee is very small, but they can’t guarantee entertainment to its fullest. When planning events, never cut your budget with the entertainers. Spend a good amount to get the best entertainers to a successful event. The fees of entertainers can range from $1500 to $100,000 depending on the person’s or group’s reputation and experience, as well as the show size.

Ask Questions
Before hiring any corporate entertainer, always feel free to ask them questions. The most important factor is to make sure the performer you hire specializes in providing corporate entertainment. They need to very much familiar with the corporate world and must be experienced with performing at such events. Knowing all this will make your work easier to whether to hire them or not.

The best knowledge about anything comes from reviews. Always ask the artist, if they any reviews from clients they have performed for in the past. Nowadays entertainers have their own websites which provide you with promotional materials and even contains clients reviews. You can also ask for references as you want to hire the best entertainer.

Performers always have some demo video. Just ask for it. This video is just a show short segments of the entertainer’s show with a live audience. This gives you a rough idea of how the artist performs as well as the reaction of a real audience.

Plan Ahead
The last one but not the least, always plan ahead of schedule as, during a certain time of the year, the best corporate entertainers may not be available as they are already booked before hand. Booking sometimes even start a year before the event. It is advisable to start looking for an entertainer as soon the dates of the events are announced to avoid any kind of disappointments.

Corporate Event Entertainment and Team Building – A Tool to Achieve Corporate Organization’s Goals


Corporate entertainment offers its members the feel of something that they have never done or long forgotten. Corporate entertainment is now an extensively used term and it includes team building, sports hospitality, conferences, entertaining clients, and company fun days, now even magic shows are trending. For any business, it is important to gain new customers, keep and develop existing relationships or inspire or reward its workforce. Corporate entertainment events, a form of team building exercise, are a pleasant way by which communication skills and cooperative work abilities can be improved. This further acts as leads to gain new customers.

This form of entertainment is a great source of reducing stress and provide the employees a well-deserved break from the daily office. Corporate entertaining and team building can include both indoor and outdoor activities. They are mostly structured activities that are good entertaining and has a target of building some fruitful work relationships. Through these activities, brainstorming, collaboration, creativity, trust, and feedback becomes very easy to practice by its members. The main concern of this activities is mainly, the development of the organization, conflict resolution and problem-solving. These concerns bring out leadership, interpersonal, presentation and negotiation skills of the team members along with boosting their mentality towards working with 100 percent effort.

Corporate team building entertainments can include ropes, culinary school, treasure hunts, sporting events, simple games, and much more. Hiring a corporate entertainer can also be considered. All these activities are designed to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, improve good communication and group relation and show each person’s skills to add to the greater whole.

The advantage of corporate entertainment is many. The team members get a chance to know each other in a different setting. They enjoy some funny and successful experiences together and would help relieve tension and build mutual appreciation and understanding. This gives a chance to the employees to know each other personally, thus improving their team work. This is highly profitable for any organization. The advantages are intended to last beyond the day, to improve morale and collaboration at the workplace as well.

To be effective, corporate entertainment should be exciting, bonding experience that can be enjoyed by all members while holding clear focus and staying true to the organization’s needs and goals. While planning or choosing a corporate entertainment, try to plan the event at an off-site setting, so that to change the environment for the employees. Professionals who specialize in corporate entertainment and team building would be able to provide numerous valuable fun activities to enhance a particular team’s performance. From time to time such breaks are necessary for any corporate organization to bring out the best from their employees.

Corporate event entertainment as a way to corporate success through building healthier relationships


The word corporate refers to something ‘relating to corporation’, but on turning the pages of history we get yet another meaning ‘united or combined into one body’. The word corporate combines with words like communication, culture, event, governance etc to describe different things, but all these combined falls under an organization which is termed as a corporate organization.

When talking about any such organization, the image which comes to our mind is that of a perfectly some principle based working body where everyone has a specific role of their own, but all are working as a unit. This is precisely what corporate entertainment is for; creating bonds and enhancing relationship to strengthen the bond of unity among the workers.

The event which can be any sort of outdoor activity, or some travel trip, or some dinner party or might be an award ceremony, is just an away to create a sense of unity among the employees. This type of events is a great platform for people out there to get to know each other in a more better away. Some sort of corporate entertainment makes them more relaxed which extends relationship into more than job-related conversations.

This entertainment constitutes the human elements into relationships both internally and externally. The internal bonds increase the productivity while the external source acts as leads and build a good reputation of the organization in the market.

With the work environment becoming more demanding, employees easily slips into tension, conflicts, and misunderstanding turns out to be a common thing. All this stuffs are no good for any organization. To keep this sort of things away, there is a need for change in the environment. The corporate events are a good way to bring some change, but adding some sort of entertainment adds more colors to the events. The corporate entertainers are professionals who can be hired to make sure the entertainment is the lasting one and every attendee takes home a positive impression about the organization. These entertainers can be a comedian, magician, speaker, mentalist, illusionist, etc.

These professionals are expert in changing the environment. This ensures a healthy relationship with team members, business associates, companies and their clients. It also has a positive impact on the people’s behavior keeping in mind the social environment and the overall performance at work.

One of the forms of corporate entertainment where shaping relationships are practically the aim of team building events. Through entertaining activities that require the contribution of each member and a common decision, the group receives a dose of positive emotions and learns basic teamwork skill at the same time.

In a corporation, corporate entertainment may enhance interpersonal relationship in a number of ways: it inspires communication, helps to sketch relationship on a positive emotion background, provide relaxation, reduces psychological tensions, and instills the spirit of the team in the participants.